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For the last 13 years, I have been an in-home pet sitter. I go to other people's houses to tend to their pets when they're out of town. This morning, as I was finishing up at a client's house (cat breeder - 30 freakin' cats - OMG), it began to sleet. The sleet turned into snow by noon, and it's been snowing ever since.

I made it to my afternoon sits without any trouble, although I did see two cars in ditches, and two other cars that were parked along the road because the drivers couldn't make it up some moderate hills.

I have an overnight visit in a nearby town, and I'm nervous about heading out in a few hours to drive over there. The good news is, I have a great 4WD Silverado with new tires, so I'm probably going to be ok. The bad news is, the weather dudes say things will turn to freezing rain and ice soon, with more in the morning.

Tomorrow I have to travel all over the county yet again, to tend to a bunch of critters. Why the hell did the weather have to turn to shit on THIS particular day?

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