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I live in SW Washington state, and for unknown reasons, my local jurisdiction does not require smog checks on residents' vehicles. (This doesn't make any damned sense to me, but what do I know?) Of course, the DMV doesn't tell you this; they send out the notices to everyone regardless.

The first time I got the notice that I needed an emissions test, I dutifully followed directions in order to get my new tags. A few days later, I mentioned to a neighbor that I had the test done, and she asked me why. I said, "They sent a paper that said I had to."

She laughed, and told me we lived in a specially designated non-emissions-test area. I haven't fallen for that trick ever since.

Of course, when it's emissions year, I can't renew online. If I try, I'm told I MUST have the test, so every few years I'm obligated to go to the licensing office in person and say "I live in ____ town, so I don't have to get the test." The person behind the counter nods knowingly, and processes my tag transaction without the emissions paperwork.

No DMV worker has been able to tell me why this is the situation. I often wonder if it's some sort of property tax related thing, as I also get free ambulance service out here (paid for through property taxes, which are exceedingly reasonable).

'Tis a mystery.
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