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Some handy words for things you've felt but couldn't describe for lack of a word.

1- Amae: Japanese word, “leaning on another person’s goodwill,” deep trust that allows a relationship to flourish.
2- L’appel du vide: French term for, “the call of the void,” an unnerving, shaky sensation of not being able to trust one’s own instincts.”
3- Awumbuk: From the Baining people of Papua New Guinea, “emptiness after visitors depart.”
4- Brabant: The fun of pushing someone’s buttons, to see how much you can tease them until they snap.
5- Depaysement: Being a stranger in a strange land that’s equal parts exhilarating and disorienting.
6- Ilinx: A French word for “the ‘strange excitement’ of wanton destruction.
7- Kaukokaipuu: The Finnish recognize the emotion of a feeling of homesickness for a place you’ve never visited.
8- Malu: The Dusun Baguk people of Indonesia know, “the sudden experience of feeling constricted, inferior and awkward around people of higher status.”
9- Pronoia: a kind of paranoiac in reverse. You suspect people of plotting to make you happy.” The “strange, creeping feeling that everyone’s out to help you.”
10- Torschlusspanik: From German, torschlusspanik means “gate-closing panic,” a word to summarize that fretful sensation of time running out.
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