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Originally Posted by fargon View Post
Pete where have you been?
Short version - life happens.

Lessee - in 2011 I was hospitalized for a Crohn's blockage. Turned out I had a mass in my small intestine that they were concerned might be cancerous. So major surgery and it turned out to be a bezoar (no magical properties unfortunately) the size of a golf ball. It was a long recovery.

Then the company I worked for was acquired by IBM which turns out to be not unlike being absorbed by the borg. And I made the decision to change course. The market for windows programmers had disappeared so I taught myself iOS programming. Most of the iOS jobs are at startups so instead of working a measly 35 hours a week, I've been working 45+ hours - and driving a longer commute.

In the mean time, the Zings have graduated high school and college. Both are working and now both are engaged.

Life moves fast.

Talk nerdy to me.
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