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Originally Posted by sexobon View Post

BigV, Trump speaks in hyperbole for publicity. Obama withdrew US forces from Iraq; because, he couldn't get certain concessions in a Status of Forces Agreement. That withdrawal opened the door for ISIS.

Donald Trump disagrees.

Originally Posted by Hugh Hewitt and Donald Trump
HH: Iíve got two more questions. Last night, you said the President was the founder of ISIS. I know what you meant. You meant that he created the vacuum, he lost the peace.
DT: No, I meant heís the founder of ISIS. I do. He was the most valuable player. I give him the most valuable player award. I give her, too, by the way, Hillary Clinton.
HH: But heís not sympathetic to them. He hates them. Heís trying to kill them.
DT: I donít care. He was the founder. His, the way he got out of Iraq was that that was the founding of ISIS, okay?
HH: Well, that, you know, I have a saying, Donald Trump, the mnemonic device I use is Every Liberal Really Seems So, So Sad. E is for Egypt, L is for Libya, S is for Syria, R is for Russia reset. They screwed everything up. You donít get any argument from me. But by using the term founder, theyíre hitting with you on this again. Mistake?
DT: No, itís no mistake. Everyoneís liking it. I think theyíre liking it. I give him the most valuable player award. And I give it to him, and I give it to, I gave the co-founder to Hillary. I donít know if you heard that.

HH: I did. I did. I played it.
DT: I gave her the co-founder.
HH: I know what youíre arguingÖ
DT: Youíre not, and let me ask you, do you not like that?
HH: I donít. I think I would say they created, they lost the peace. They created the Libyan vacuum, they created the vacuum into which ISIS came, but they didnít create ISIS. Thatís what I would say.
DT: Well, I disagree.
HH: All right, thatís okay.
DT: I mean, with his bad policies, thatís why ISIS came about.
HH: ThatísÖ
DT: If he would have done things properly, you wouldnít have had ISIS.
HH: Thatís true.
DT: Therefore, he was the founder of ISIS.
HH: And thatís, Iíd just use different language to communicate it, but let me close with this, because I know Iím keeping you long, and Hopeís going to kill me.
Between you and me, Trump's milk tongue is hyperbole. We agree. But statements like this are an abuse of the language. Yes, he's speaking hyperbolically. Yes, outrage is his jam. But tw hit upon something quite true, that the same words spoken by Trump are heard differently by different audiences. I know this, and I still find him almost incomprehensible. About all I get from his is LOOK AT ME!, self aggrandizement, pomposity, ... It's kind of sickening. What I grok from today's episode of "Orange is the new Blech!" is "HEY! EYES AND EARS HERE! Keep channeling your generalized, simmering dissatisfaction with your life at Obama, it's his fault! And he's the reason you need to be afraid, he's the source, the fountainhead of your fear. I, and I alone, can fix everything. Never forget Trump! TRUUUUMP!!
Also a very stable genius.
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