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Originally Posted by elSicomoro View Post
OK, but your ship seems to be taking on a LOT of water...
Never ignore lesson from history. That is what educated people said in 1930 Germany. Hitler preached same illogical nonsense. But he was not preaching to logical people. He was preaching to emotionally manipulated people. That is where he got his support - from emotions tied to ridiculous comments. In the middle and late 1930s, the intelligent people eventually succumbed to mostly support Hitler.

Trump does not yet need intelligent people to support him. That is not his target audience. Those will come later - according to lessons from history.

Scary thing is to go to a Trump or Sanders rally. Absolutely amazing the blind an dedicated support - and not one idea what even a Federal Reserve is. They preach soundbytes. Even get angry when confronted by questions that require underlying details. And yes, I saw same blind support among Sanders supporters.

Rather scary. Reminded me of a most Googled question the day after. "What is the EU?"
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