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dealing with morans (joke) who don't know that 3x7 cannot equal 6x3, even if you reverse the numbers.

And then being told that we're going to let them pay for 3x4 since it is cheaper than trying to explain to them that 3x4 (what they want to pay for) cannot contain 3x7, or 7x3 (which, eerily enough is the same!)

Then being told by the sales rep that I am "too complicated and technical"

Is the world populated by mentally deficient people? Did I go to some secret governmental experimental school where they did brain experiments on me and taught me basic math concepts? I mean I SUCK AT MATH. (I've told about this) But I know that 3x7, or 6x3 cannot ever equal 3x4.

The sales rep began to tell me what I need to do in order to be able to speak with the clients on their level, I interrupted her and suggested that I smoke a ton of pot and have a stroke.

I am glad to be working though. And I'll be even gladder to be paid.
And now I'm finished posting.
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