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That last question and answer... At about 33 min.

He does a pretty good job summarizing the idea of awakening. And the hand trick is new to me. I found that illuminating. All that inner body awareness stuff was a little weird to me the first few times I read this book (s). But now I kind of get that more.

And then it seemed he wrapped it up a sentence or two short of giving us the meaning of life. I've heard that answer in another Q&A and it rang true. Ready? Meaning of life ahead.

Set up :
We are part of the universe. Every element consisting of 30 billion year old carbon. You've heard that before. The universe was very simple at the beginning. Then bang. Since that point, it has been increasing in complexity. The alpha is the singularity of the pre bang and the omega lies in ultimate complexity. He doesn't say any of that, but I've read it elsewhere and agree.

Our purpose, as sentient brings is to bear witness to the existence. I think, therefore I am.

Which is widely accepted as a truth. I think it's a little off... Might be better as, I am aware, therefore I am. You don't need to think to be aware. You do need to be aware to think.

But yeah, the universe wants to be aware of itself. We are it's proof that it exists. That's why we are alive.
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