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My objective, the thing I hired Trump to do: wreck shit.

What shit? Who's shit?

The shit of every jackass (folks like yourself) who'd have me be sumthin' other than self-owned and self-directing.

Trump is a blunt instrument: yours is the head I hired him to thump. As long as he does that, he can -- as I've said many times-- court any debbil he likes.

Now: in the future, get it right or zip it.

And, for the record, this...

The individual owns himself.

He has a right to his life, liberty, and property.

His life, liberty, or property is only forfeit, in part or in whole, if he knowingly, willingly, deprives another of his life, liberty, or property.

...isn't about patriotism, or moderation.

Self-ownership & life, liberty, property are first principles, foundations for civilization & civilized (minimal) self-governance, nuthin' more or less.

Again: get it right or zip it.

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