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As a matter of fact I googled minarchy and read that Wiki Night Watchman State back when you first mentioned it. Struck me as great on paper and impossible in reality. First and foremost where, sail the Mayflower to the New World? There is no available land anymore that's not spoken for. The only way is to have the power to grab and hold from someone else. That won't happen because you'd be fighting the rest of the world.

So you think your po-po and court have the ability to ferret out evil Corp X's dirty deeds? Good luck with that. Your claim is the standard the accuser has to beat? All they have to do is no we didn't to beat that standard
Plus anyone who whines about being treated unfairly will get a full effort by the said same po-po and courts to investigate their claims? That would be like the FBI investigating every bad Yelp review.

If everyone but a few semantics freaks call the US a democracy, it's a democracy. A minarchy is is stone age, back before...
Empires ruled by Emperors,
Kingdoms ruled by Kings,
and Countries ...
The descent of man ~ Nixon, Friedman, Reagan, Trump.
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