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Probably very few will get this, but this one's for Bri:

RIP Dr Creep.

We grew up with Dr Creep, from Clubhouse 22 to Shock Theatre, there isn't anyone in my age group, and younger and older, who didn't know and love the Creepster.

I had a special brush with greatness: I was at my best friend's house in Jr Hi, and her dad was also a fairly famous local entertainer. I was over there once and answered their phone "L___ Residence" and the man asked for my friend's dad and he said he was Barry Hobart. I told my friend, and she said "THAT'S Dr Creep!" I was all like "Dr Creep! Dr Creep! I love you Dr Creep!" Her dad wasn't home so I took a message, feeling pretty darn cool that I had spoken to Dr Creep on the phone.

I've also seen him more recently, at benefits and such.

I'm sure a lot of cities have their Clubhouse 22s and Shock Theaters and Docs of Creep, but for those of us in this neck of Ohio, Dr Creep was the one and only.
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