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Originally Posted by Prince Of The 404 View Post
General Book Ideas
  • Thumbs Down To The Brown: A Practical Guide To Anus Bleaching
  • The Extensive History Of The Poptart: A American Delicacy
  • Why Masturbation Makes You Go Blind (Available Only In Braille)
  • "No, Not Like That Stupid!": A Beginners Manual To Serial Killing For The Mentally Defective
  • Dragon Ball-Z Shirts: Why You Deserve To Be Murdered In A Grocery Store If You Wear One Past The Age Of Twelve
  • A Book With One Page: But It Has A Really Great Synopsis!
  • Vagina and The Gas Mask: A Romance Novel
  • Purple, Hard and Stiff: A Biography Of Rigamortis (pervert)
  • Open Up And Say "AH": Why You Should Never Let A Dentist Named "Richard" Administer Nitrous Oxide
  • The Birds Went North and All The Bees Are Killers: The Reason Teenage Boys Watch Porn and Grow Up To Be The Men Who Love It

That's all I have for right now.

Random question. These days, why do books (not just yours) always seem to have subtitles?
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