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Until about eight weeks ago, my job, for the past year, has been in ongoing jeopardy due to some incredibly shortsighted, uninformed, knee jerk managers above the level of my boss (who loves me, and who relies on me heavily for nuts and bolts stuff about our systems and such). The pressure on my boss was severe, daily, unreasonable and unproductive, and some of that was pressure being exerted on him to cut me loose. I've been here almost 15 years, and because of that, there's not much about our business that I don't know or have a hand in. Some of that is stuff that literally no one else knows or can do, and it would be nigh impossible to replace me without some major loss of efficiency and functionality.

Suddenly, two months ago, upper management cut loose my boss' immediate boss, and transferred that guy's boss to a single region (he'd been running two); a region of which we were not a part. A new boss's boss was installed, and the difference between this guy and the ones before is night and day. He's fresh from the trenches, and has POV beyond numbers on reports, something the others lacked almost entirely.

The pressure is now off, and we are functioning like humans. My boss isn't working sixteen hour days, and I'm not working eleven and twelve hour days. Part of that is due to a brief slump we've encountered, but mostly it is because we aren't expending tons of whackoff time trying to justify, explain and generally wrangle initiatives, reports, evaluations, examinations and other minutae that neither increase sales nor profits.

I no longer have to dread coming to my tiny office every day. I even had time the other day to shoot a 360 picture of it (I like my new toy). Enjoy. If it works, that is.
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