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July 18th, 2017: Jap Eatery (may not be safe)

Nobody does weird, freaky, and off the wall like Japan. We see some odd things from everywhere, but Japan supplies the world
with a steady flow, nay, a torrent of WTF.
Because Japan truly strives to keep things weird, Alcatraz ER is one of two different jail-themed eateries in Shibuya, a bustling trendy neighborhood in Tokyo. As its name implies, Alcatraz ER incorporates both a jail and hospital setting theme going as far as to handcuff incoming patrons as they lead them to their drinking and dining “cell.”
The interior of Alcatraz ER looks like a set design from the horror film franchise Saw, and the shock tactics don’t stop with the decor.
You may choose an intestine shaped sausage with snipping scissors, or a brain shaped hunk of beef.

Or maybe two scoops of fried rice and sliced roast beef on a bed of lettuce.

You can have a traditional beer, or another drink served in the head of a round eyes.

Afraid of over indulging in alcohol? A drink topped with an eyeball will help watch your drinking. Maybe a drink with
absorbent trim which will help consume some of it. Would rather drink from the jar with dentures in it?

If the food presentation caused you to eat sparsely, you may have room for desert, like gushing banana, or pad jelly.

Mmm Mmm Good!
If you go to their website, it’s in Japanese… duh. But with Google translating you can find the menu, and
click to embiggen, then click to turn pages. But be aware after all that, you will end up seeing things you can not unsee.

Everything is interesting... look closer.
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