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You might like this then Clodfobble. During the years I was working for Bank of America (Satan), I was working in their credit card processing building in Pasadena. It was a 6 story building without any windows. It was like a giant cement block. I'm convinced that they were scared of snipers due to their own poor customer service. I actually heard collections people call someone's neighbors asking them to tell someone to pay their bill. I heard them telling people to go collect aluminum cans. I had a "customer service" person look at me with a straight face and say, "They (the customers) need us, we don't need them. They need to borrow money to buy cars, houses, etc." I had to remind them that there is more than one bank in America...

Anyway...back to food.

Since I was in I.T. and not part of either customer service, or collections, I was deemed impartial and I got to be a judge in the annual chili and salsa contests.

The very best of all the Salsa's was a bowl of fantastic salsa with a nice kick and it had cream cheese in the center. This is a wonderful combination.

Was that a long enough story to tell you about this combo? LOL! Sorry, sometimes I get carried away.
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