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1) Donuts should be............avoided
2) Even if you would rather gouge your eyes out than watch sport.... which sport do you most enjoy/least despise watching on TV?American Ninja Warrior is the most entertaining sport on TV right now. I could watch it for hours, and have.
3) What was your favorite dressing up costume as a child?Jolly Green Giant, although I was in college. I made a tunic out of branches I cut off the bushes around my dorm, and painted my skin green with water color.
4) Favorite green vegetable?broccoli
5) fish or snails?As food? Fish. But if we are talking about smuggling contraband, I'd rather smuggle snails.
6) Jeans -love 'em or hate 'em?I realized a decade ago that jeans are not comfortable and perform poorly overall. I don't get their appeal, and even I used to love them.
7) What kinds of things do you buy second-hand/used?Tools, cars, clothes, camping equipment like my Coleman stove, bikes, but mostly tools. A lot of tools.
8) When was the last time you got your eyes tested?In the spring?
9) Do you like chocolate milk?I wanna say yes, but I never drink it, so I must not care for it.
10) What is your preferred writing implement?uni-ball deluxe fine, with super ink, whatever that is.
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