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Originally Posted by breakingnews
Yeah, okay to go inexpensive, but I would go after a sturdier brand (most stores these days mostly carry Trek, Giant, Raleigh anyway). Basic Treks and some basic Giants are very good. Go for steel, or aluminum if you find something you like, but steel will be much more comfortable riding off-road.
Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate them.

Your remark left me puzzled--how in the world could the difference in frame material steel v aluminum be translated into a different feeling ride? I understand they're different, density weight elasiticity--but so much so that the ride is different? And how would the ride be different? Maybe it's something I could understand better if I had more comparative experiences... hard for the beginner to sort out from all the other variables, though, like tires, inflation, terrain, seat, suspension, speed, etc. Not tryin to be a smartass, but I am trying to learn.

Also a very stable genius.
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