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Re: A confession

Originally posted by a case study
He thinks about ME, not about some guy.
And how exactly do you know this? You don't. Even if he swears up and down until he's blue in the face, you will never know what is going on inside his head.

My wife will never know what goes on inside my head. No doubt sometimes she would be pleased and sometimes she wouldn't, but I'm not gonna tell her. I think she would rather not know when I'm fantasizing about a supermodel, so it's best for both of us if I just keep that to myself.

Just like your husband is doing. He's gay, and no amount of blood, sweat, and tears will change that. It's how he's wired.

All the really smart people out here..capable of phrasing a decent, compelling argument, and then there's you, Dave -- resorting to profanity and name calling

If you can't handle what people are going to say about your situation, don't be a chicken shit and have someone else ask it while you lurk around to hear the answer.

So who is it that you believe makes a decent, compelling argument? Here I thought we were just a bunch of windbags.

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