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The following exchanges made for a delightful morning's read,
particularly since I had just finished reading Dana's new thread.

Let this be my first minor contribution to what may become a outstanding thread...

Originally Posted by Lamplighter View Post
This Is How Much Hillary Clinton’s Pantsuit Costs
Time - David Kaiser - 5/28/15
Originally Posted by glatt View Post
Maybe if she answered question by the press, they would have something else to write about.
Originally Posted by Lamplighter View Post
Patience, Grasshopper. Good things come for those who wait.
Originally Posted by classicman View Post
Nothing good will come from her.
She's a deceitful, power-hungry egomaniac.
This is all about winning and power - nothing to do with really wanting to lead.

Right now she is running like an incumbent.
Originally Posted by DanaC View Post
And this makes her different from every other candidate how?
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