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Trump condemned the good people; people who confronted hate and hate promoters. But our wacko extremists here deny it. Complete with associating shit and DanaC. A child response from one who is suppose to be an adult. Trump sympathizers and supporters cannot reply logically - will resort to cheap shots - this time shit.

Trump is doing exactly what wacko extremists love. Even the most conservative business leaders are now leaving him in droves for good reason. Even my most conservative friends, who never voted anything but Republican, voted for Hilary. But then these are better educated people - saw what was obvious long ago.

Rise of hate groups was openly encouraged by Trump in many campaign rallies. Anyone who thinks logically saw Timothy McVeigh types encouraged by Trump.

Wacko extremists in the Trump administration are being removed. Bannon this time. Apparently their arrogance and ignorance (that justified their wacko extremist views) was too much even for Trump.

Accurately stated: the president of the USA struggled to condemn them, and then cast equal blame onto the other side. Only those brainwashed by fake news and their emotions would deny that. Trump blames everyone else (even his staff) rather than himself. Amazing that any president could be worse than George Jr.
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