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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
As death defying as that was, I found myself getting bored after about 30 seconds. You could see where it was headed. Part of the danger there is that maybe the rider was also getting bored. Your senses are heightened during a stunt, but if a stunt has a repetitive and unchanging nature like riding in a straight line for three minutes, then do your senses start to become dull at around the 2 minute mark? Is it easier to make a mistake then?

Also, did anyone even for a second think it might be a female doing the stunt? Of course not. Only guys are that completely bone headed. It's amazing more of us don't die.
I think part of those types of stunts is being able to continue maintaining focus. There is a type of chip carving, I have to find an example, that is meditation. You can see in the carving the ability of the carver to maintain precise focus.

True about the presumption of the rider being male.
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