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Grav - tis beautiful.

Rain and storms holding off here, thank goodness.
Am no longer really affected by the heat because I leave early-early, and work in an air-conditioned store above a chiller counter. I'm only hot when I leave, but it takes me 25 minutes to walk home and then I can just collapse.

Because I've been working overtime I'm tired enough to crash out between 19.00-21.00. I pretty much sleep through until 05.00 if I don't count Diz-related wake-ups. But he's been tolerable recently; his system's out of whack with my new schedule. He can't work out why the food lady is up in the middle of the night. That was his job.

Sorry, back to the weather.
Selfishly I want the rain to hold off.
Walking in will be thoroughly miserable in the rain.
And I'm beginning to appreciate the turning of the seasons. Since I started training it's already getting lighter later. I need to get Dads to check the overhead light in my room, which hasn't worked since I tried to clean it back in June.
It's going to start making a difference SOON.
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