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PTSD - how do you handle the symptoms?

I have C-PTSD from multiple traumas in 2017. I live in a (relatively) remote area of Australia, so my treatment options are quite limited. I do have a good psychologist, but she she is not a specialist in PTSD and has said that she sometimes feels out of her depth with me. There are no support groups or specialised therapy within 3 hours of here.

I was wondering if there were others with PTSD in the Cellar, we could possible share strategies that work for us?

I'm also up for suggestions from others who don't have it, but I do have some complications that make it tricky.

I feel like I've lost about 50% of my brain capacity through this (I'm told it should come back in due course). My brain is only just emerging from years of being in survival mode, so it's only recently I have started to try to give it a push.

I can't drive any more (I lose focus too easily). Some days I can't do simple maths. I discovered a few months ago that I have forgotten how to format Word documents (after doing it for decades). Stupid stuff like that. I can't read more than short articles - it just starts swirling - and audiobooks aren't any better. I used to be a big movie fan, but can't handle most movies any more as I can't hold the narrative. Same with useful YouTube videos that are more than, say, 10 minutes long. Brain goes to snow.

I used to do a lot of arty stuff, but one of the traumas was closely linked to art and creativity, and in the last two years I have felt ill even looking at anything arty, let alone doing it for therapy.

I live on a lovely farm in a beautiful area, and am always being told how connecting to nature heals you. It's not working.

I have two lovely dogs and two lovely cats, but also feel disconnected from them. I see their love for me (yes, even the cats) but I can't connect.

I have full on anhedonia and nothing gives me pleasure. Not kittens, not favourite foods, not travelling, nothing really. I'm told it is generally the last symptom to go, which just sucks big time.

Okay, so there's a fuzzy, chaotic picture of life right now.

Please don't take rejection of suggestions as negativity. I have tried a LOT in the last two years, and a lot of the things that you'd guess would be useful are just not possible for me at this stage.

So any others interested in this discussion?
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