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Originally Posted by Sundae View Post
Dad bought one of these in Yarmouth.
His favourite mixers do not come in mini-cans or in 500ml bottles, just in 330ml cans.
And he does not want to drink a whole can. He's in his 72nd year - liquid weighs heavily on his old bladder!

He's made up.

Bottle Tops
Originally Posted by wolf View Post
I have several of those Bottle Top things. Over here, they're called Snap Caps.

I found them to be immensely useful, as I have a tendency to knock over things on my desk. Saved blow drying a lot of paperwork that way.

When you have to handwrite documentation, which is often following or followed by someone else's handwritten documentation, you can't just "print out a new copy."

I could never use those. I'm obsessive enough that I'd have to wash the can tops first (don't drink from cans most of the time), and that's just an added step...I'm lazy.

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