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Yabbut on the other hand:

According to the company, 88% of McDonald's customers were aware of the apple option, but apples were only chosen in 11% of Happy Meal orders.
As long as there's choice (and I'm not saying there shouldn't be,) some people are going to make the bad choice. Mostly people who can't look at the fries and say, "Hmm... dying from diabetes sounds terrible, I have to abstain," and definitely the folks who can't even look at the fries and say, "Hmm... I know from experience I will feel nauseous and bloated in about an hour, so I really shouldn't eat this."

You either have to take away the choice, or write those people off. Either position is arguable, but it's foolish to think we can have it both ways.

Edit to add: I know you weren't disagreeing with me, per se. Like I said, this is just a particular bee in my bonnet.
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