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Yeah, bikes and bike equipment is just god-awfully expensive. Especially if you want to get top-of-the-line junk (which is totally unnecessary, just nice to have - kind of like a car).

My brother's racing team is Trek sponsored, so he got his for $2200. I thought about asking him to get another 5k series, but I suppose if I'm going to drop all that freakin' cash, I might as well wait for the new series to come out.

I'm looking at titanium - possibly buying an '04 Litespeed Tuscany frame and building it with Ultegra 10. Or dura-ace 9. I'm not sure how much I'll be needing the 10 though - if I race here in NYC, the terrain is very very plain, so gear variety is not a huge issue.

Anything will beat my steel Lemond. Reynolds alloy is a great material, rides very well on flats and even climbs like Greg once did, but if I can shed about 10 pounds for $2500-3500 (and maybe 10 more off my fat ass), that would be worth the investment.

Griff, ever consider the Jersey double-century? Dunno if they do one out your way in PA, thouugh I'm sure there is.
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