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I'm putting this in machines rather than rims because I doubt it ever made the road, despite what the 1914 Mad Men claim, and the claims are whoppers.

The Airmobile used a “frictionless rotary engine fueled by crude oil” to power a “rotary air compressor” located behind it. Air pressure was stored in a pair of tanks and routed through a throttle to an air motor at each wheel. No one has uncovered photos or more information about this car other than an advertisement in the program for the Santa Monica Road Races and a few other places, the effort then disappeared into thin air…. By 1915 the Rotary Air Brake Company was promoting an air-steam-gas-water engine that is known to have been produced.
The company’s name was changed to the Rotary Products Company and in 1920 they began manufacturing air driven machinery for industry.
I think "frictionless" means I don't hear no squealing or scraping.
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