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Originally Posted by Radar View Post
I'm disgusted at the fact that Obama doesn't say, "This health care reform will happen and it will have a public option whether Republicans like it or not."
I agree with you 100%, he's let the soccer hooligans cause too many distractions from the business at hand. Git r dun.
and the fact that he has made a deal with the pharmaceutical companies not to negotiate lower prices for drugs or import drugs from Canada. The whole point is to lower costs and use greater buying power as a way to do it.
True, but regardless what he promised them he'd recommend, he doesn't write the bill or pass it. It's still on congress to do this thing... plus it can be changed in the future.
The drugs do not cost a hundred thousandth of that to produce.
No, but they do cost a fortune to develop, with lots that never make it to market or have a small demand that will never recoup their investment.
That said, their bottom lines are enormous, even after the fortunes they spend on bribing... uh, I mean educating, doctors and politicians.
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