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It's snowing.

Four to five inches of the stuff have landed and it doesn't show any signs of stopping here at the ancestral estate.
I looked out at 0430 and a smattering had just put in an appearance then.
The Met Office forecast was for a large swathe of Wales and Central England to get the worst of it and we, just on the southern edge of that area, were expected to get off pretty lightly.
It appears that an area of rain moving up from France hit a larger and colder air mass than had been expected hence the snow. At least we can blame the French for it.
This road is not a priority for salt spreading so the snow just becomes compacted and dangerous to drive on.
No newspapers have been delivered this morning and they might well not have arrived at the shop anyway.
In the absence of several hundred square feet of newsprint to wade through, Dad turns his mind to other things.
By 'other things' I mean jobs for me to do. That's why I'm keeping out of the way in here until I embark upon preparing another haute cuisine Sunday lunch.

We have a large, and very old, Buddleia in the back garden.
I normally cut it back in February which keeps it relatively under control.
For reasons best known to himself Dad told me to leave it alone this year so I did!
Under the weight of snow the wretched thing has more or less collapsed in on itself and it's a hell of a mess.
Bits have dropped off it with monotonous regularity over the last few years and I wonder how much longer it will survive.
The burden of snow obviously manifested itself at the weak points.
Having a self pruning Buddleia is one thing. Clearing up the debris is quite another.

Right, I shall go and do what any self-respecting British type chap would do under the circumstances:

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