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I should hope and expect that the POTUS is not actually in charge of making these decisions. I hope there is not a big table with model ships and a little rake that he uses to move them around the globe. That would be a terrible system of governance. Surely it comes down to someone else had the job of making the decision and did not want to offend the boss, or something like that. Which is effectively the same thing.
This is interesting to me. There was a big movement toward professionalism in the government around the time of the Teddy Roosevelt administration with examinations to weed out incompetence but we still have each changing administration putting their Brownies on top of professional organizations. Seats go unfilled or get Betsy DeVosed when the idea of good government is not on the agenda. The new administrators should reflect what the voters asked for in their president but let's face it, shit is fucked up and it's kind of on purpose.
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