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Nov 9th, 2019 : A Cask of Thousands

I’m not surprised the see a bar/restaurant shaped like a giant barrel in Germany.
The Giant Cask or Giant Barrel (German: Riesenfass, locally just Fass or, in the local Palatine dialect, the Därgemer Fass), is a tourist attraction in the Palatine spa and district town of Bad Dürkheim in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Palatine? Darth, is that you?

The wine barrel has a diameter of 13.5 metres(44.3 ft), a volume of about 1,700,000 litres or 1,700 m³(449,092 US gal) and is thus the largest cask in the world. However, it is not used for the storage of wine, but houses a restaurant.
The barrel itself is only open during the Wurstmarkt(world's largest wine festival) and for large groups by prior arrangement.
It can handle about 120 people upstairs...

...and 300 downstairs.

I wonder what that chair with the single wheel and the board out the side is about?
What surprised the hell out of me is it’s a real barrel, or at least it was.

The barrel was built in 1934 by Bad Dürkheim vineyard owner and master cooper, Fritz Keller, using wood to fashion it into the standard shape using traditional methods, albeit oversized. To construct the cask nearly 200 spruce trees were felled in the Northern Black Forest, all about 40 metres(131 ft) high. One tree was needed for each of the 178 staves, each 15 metres(49.2 ft) long and 15 cm(5.9 in) thick. In all, more than 200 m³(7063 cuft) of wood was used. The timber was supplied by the Krauth & Co. Sawmill in Rotenbach in the Enztal valley.

With the completion of the Giant Cask in Dürkheim, it superseded by a long way the famous Heidelberg Tun which, with a length of 9 metres(29.5 ft), a diameter of 7 metres(23 ft) and capacity of 221,726 litres(58,574 US gal), and was actually used to store wine, had previously been the largest cask in the world.

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