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Originally Posted by lumberjim View Post
Maybe I'll buy some cheap wooden spoons and drill holes and cut grooves into the verticals.... Then glue them up.... Or even make it height adjustable. I'll have to smoke some pot and give it a good think.
I know everyone is busy (especially lumberjim! Great thread!), but this post reminded me of something . . .

If you need a great time waster, check out this thread from a board I briefly posted at a few years ago (we need our own thread like this!). You may (or may not) have to log in to see it . . . sorry!):

It Broke!

It looks as if the little yellow plastic tag has fallen off. Since this is an integral part, holding as it does the battery clip that powers the blue light and stuff, I think I will have to throw it away.

That's the third one I've had and it's gone the same way as the others. I might get a green one next with a red light on it. The only thing is that the green one has that annoying wobbly bit as an extra, I'm not keen on that. Oh well.

Have you ever had one? Did it break? Any recommendations for a better one? Perhaps one not built in Albania?

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