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This is true, however to people who witness this incident either in person or the video, are more than likely to dismiss the whole BLM. Lets face it, for most of the public this not the age of deep thinking and checking issues, it's the age of sound bites, headlines, and slogans. Those are what motivate most people today and disruptions of the status quo, regardless of how valid the cause, make people uncomfortable. That's a good way to get noticed but not a good way to win hearts and minds.
I don't doubt any of what you're saying, I just think it's the height of gross, white behavior.

Victims of injustice are now faced with the challenge of calling attention to the injustice they face, to an audience who doesn't know about and/or believe it, and in addition, to call attention to it in such a way that it doesn't disrupt the delicate sensibilities of a group of people who aren't affected by it and don't really care, and for whom merely mentioning it is an insult they will react aggressively to.

What form of protest is acceptable to call attention to a problem that people don't want you to talk about in the first place?

It's a joke. The whole thing is rigged.

There is no acceptable form of protest, so berating people for not jumping through the right hoops is literally disgusting.
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