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Originally Posted by Gravdigr View Post
People are highly, and I mean, HIGHLY, overrated. Fuck 'em. Every one.
I agree up to about 98%. I reckon there's at least 2% that are worth giving a shit about.

Originally Posted by monster View Post
The University of Michigan did allow them into the Arboretum to shoot in the end.

The main problem is not in people's yards, though -that's just irritating- but they are regularly on the freeways and regular roads causing accidents. You hit a deer, you are lucky if you don't get whiplash. And your car is likely to be a write-off -if not from the deer damage (innards in the engine are apparently a bugger to clean), then from the tit who slams into the back of you because they were driving right up your arse. When I drive to work at 5am,, I never drive in the curb lane because the chance of a deer jumping out in front of me is too great.
Out here (edge of the Cascade foothills), they say "Don't veer for deer." The logic being, trying to dodge a deer on the windey, forested foothill roads in this rural area is a sure way to end up smashing your rig into a tree or plunging down a precipitous gorge.

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