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1) Use three adjectives to describe/define yourself that all begin with the same letter

Tired, tall, terrific

2) What was the last thing you painted?

A bare spot on the kitchen ceiling that got exposed when I swapped out a light fixture. It pretty much looks like crap now.

3) Have you flipped a coin to make a decision in the last year?


4) What fat should one use to fry eggs?

A light coating of Pam on a newish T-fal non-stick pan.

5) Have you ever walked out of a business because of the music they were playing?


9) What is your favorite font?


8) What pronunciation/variant of an English word in a country other than your own annoys you the most? (e.g/ Tuesday = Toos-day/Chews-day math/maths...)

Maths is a good one.

7) What noun should never be verberized?


6) Does cheese belong on a hot dog?


10) What's your favorite card game?

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