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Re: 06/03/03: Is being gay a choice?

You know, it's not as easy as you guys might think. Intimacy is a big issue in a relationship, but sex is only a by-product. And if two people love each other....

I have a question for all of you intellectuals. Do you all believe that the paths of your lives are chosen by genetics? Did none of you finish college against the odds, become under or over achievers, made a choice that surprised you or others? Did ALL OF YOU just say, "I had no choice," and get carried away by the whims of fate and fancy? Every homo or heterosexual has a choice, the same as straight persons do. I assume I'm not the only one out there who has had a same-sex fantasy or encounter. I could have gone to my own sex (who seem to be smarter) as easily as not. In the end, I made a choice.

As do we all: to stay with someone you love, and work through issues, be they sexual past or the fact that you always leave your freakin' socks on the floor.

Get over it. Life means choices: none of us were born speed-bumps; and whether we become one is up to us.
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