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That was a crazy meet! There were eight schools, all with about 40 swimmers and they all did their little war chants for about 15 minutes before the meet actually got started. It was LOUD! But such a good atmosphere. The bleachers sure hurt our butts, though, we need to dig out the cushions we have somewhere.

It wasn't a regular meet, it was a relays meet, where each individual event was turned into a relay event. There were only two heats of most things -an A heat and a B heat, one team from each school in each, but there were unlimited entries allowed for the 200 Medley relay (a regular event) and the 200 free relay (ditto), but only the A and B heat were scoring heats.

First off, there was a regular medley relay where she was on the B relay, which cam in third in the B heat, scoring major points and she dropped more time off her 50 breaststroke split.

Then the IM relay, where she was in the A relay and they came in second! They only swam 100IMs each -normally at this age they swim a 200 for an individual, so her 100 time is old, but she dropped at least 5 seconds on that.

And then the breaststroke relay, where she was on the B relay. And here's where she kinda gets stiffed. They call her school the "Breaststroke Battalion" -they have 4 amazing breaststrokers already. So she gets to be number 5. in any other school, she would be #1 or 2. Her relay came in 4th, but she was first swimmer and led the field by over a second. she was the fastest swimmer in the entire heat by over a second. In fact, she was also faster than 21 of the 32 swimmers in the A heat! Including all of the swimmers from the other two Ann Arbor High Schools. But 4 of the 11 girls who were faster than her (one only just) were our A team -who won the event and set a new record.

So an awesome meet, all in all. Shame about the team dinner afterwards at Applebees

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