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OK so I'm all WTF with this shit.....

i'd kinda got the hang of if the meet is a challenge, they swim "their events" and if we're gonna kick butt, they do kookie stuff.

So last week, the meet was a given (they could barely swim either), but coach put most of the girls in their best events. So SG came 4th in her two individuals -she scored points for the IM, but not for breast beacuse only 3 from each team actually score and we came in 1-7 in that event....

And then coach tells the girls "OK, I'm done with experimenting, from now on you only swim your events..."

This week, we should win, but it isn't a given and it's anothe AA school -former state champs..... and coach put SG on the 500 free, the 200 free, the 400 free relay (and the medley relay)

SG maintains coach is not pissed with her. I don't think coach is pissed with me. but rly? distance freestyle for a breaststroke sprinter? And shitloads of it?
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