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Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
Limey, sorry but I just noticed this.

Your mirrors look to be properly adjusted. You should see a slight sliver of your trailer in the mirror when your rig is straight, to maximize your side view area. I used to use those mirrors before I put on my "elephant ears" mirrors. I find them to be more familiar than the wider clip ons, which vibrated and were hard to use.

If you add a flysheet (awning), I strongly suggest a set of secure tie downs to prevent an errant gust of wind causing a goodly amount of damage and embarrassment. Don't ask how I know.

Those jockey wheels do tend to come in with their fair share of damage. I have replaced mine several times, usually after encountering a bloody big speed hump. Next time, I buy the kind that folds up along the frame!

All in all, you are doing just fine. Enjoy!
Thank you! I am gamely tackling the reversing challenge. Yesterday I successfully reversed my Fanny round a 240 angle into the caravan parking bays with an audience of truck drivers watching (well, at least one was) for our overnight stop on the way home from our most recent trip.

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