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My neice is a little mimic- you can't say anything without it coming back to haunt you later- but sometimes she gets the words a little mixed up...
Ok, so when we want to shut her up (she's a drama queen and will go on and on if you let her) we say "Rachel, you're so rediculous." She seems to find this amusing, and it usually works. We were all at my brother-in-law's birthday party a couple weeks ago, and he's teasing her to no end, and she's giggling away, when she says as loud as she can "Daddy, you're so dickless!!!!"

When I was a small child (probably around age 5) I used to grab candy off the shelves at the store and my mom would say "put it back or I'll beat you..." (She never beat me, btw) Once we ran into a friend of hers and while they were talking I got really bored and restless, and started being obnoxious. I picked up some cans off the shelf and dropped them on the floor. My mom picked them up, swatted me on the behind, and continued talking to her friend. When I picked it up again, she gave me the look that said I was supposed to put it down OR ELSE. I screamed "Mommy don't beat me!!!! I'll put it back!!" What an evil child I was....she must have been so embarrased.
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