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I still had to work, but my strength was reduced, I had a hard time gripping with my right hand. The swelling was pretty bad, my knuckles were slight dimples on my right hand. Here they are side by side.

05 May 2015
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Still some swelling. I've been cleaning them pretty vigorously every day, I want them to heal from the bottom up. If they scab over on the top, I'm afraid any infection will lead to an abscess. There was some pus on the round wound, no real evidence of any on the tear. The two small ones, minor scratches (from his teeth, of course) also have some infection, but it's very shallow. You can see the outlines of the bandages I use to keep them clean while at work. Outside of work I take the bandages off. I want them to get more air.

07 May 2015
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Here we are nine days later. The swelling and inflammation are both reduced, the pain is practically all gone except directly on the wounds. I've returned to normal work duty.

I didn't go to the doctor, though I read later that cat bites are notoriously dangerous and should be seen by a doctor. I felt there was nothing the doctor could do that I hadn't done already, clean it, close it, watch it, treat for pain. Of course, the doctor can prescribe antibiotics, and they might have helped more than the dab of Neosporin I used the first day, but it turned out not to be needed.

12 May 2015
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I will eventually heal, but I'll always have the memory of the goat from hell chasing that damn cat all over the house! A fair trade.
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