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After biting the underside of my tongue (how that is possible I don't even) so fucking hard I heard it go CRUNCH! and blood fucking gushing for 5 or 10 minutes like I'd lost a molar, I managed to drink some tea despite the pain, figuring the tannins might tan my tongue-hide.

Borrowed a friend's car to drive to my attorney to resolve some paperwork relating to a mortgage modification, simple, good. Having access to a car I managed to go shopping for the first time in about six weeks and refilled most of the pantry.

After several hours I was able to drink soup.

Half inch gash on underside of tongue, almost deep enough to need stitches according to my doc, but I'll wait a few days.

Tongue biting 0/10 would not, but probably will, do again.

Shopping 5/10 Bittersweet, have a lot of great food to eat, but can't.
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