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At least he's not claiming some secret royal lineage. That would be like "I have a girlfriend in Canada."

Today has gotten off to a solid start. Mr. Clod got back in town and crawled into bed around 1:30 (technically today, so), then I woke up around 4:30 and eventually gave up trying to go back to sleep. Work until the sick one woke up at 6:00, healthy one off to school with Christmas gift cards for all their teachers, then swung by Target and then Michael's for more Christmas shit.

Meanwhile my duck egg lady, who is definitely a pain pill addict, asked me to come get my batch a couple days early because she's out of money until the weekend and could really use the $10 cash I'm going to pay her. How many pills does that buy her these days, I wonder? Came home to receive a delivery of plants for the back yard, about to go 30 minutes out of town to get my duck eggs and pretend sympathy for her "back pain" (she's 26) and confirm that I still really don't have any leftover pain med prescriptions I can give her, not even expired ones.

Then I'll be stockpile-baking with my new influx of eggs, receiving a new couch between 1:00 and 4:00 (stepdaughter took our old one when she moved out, I'll be damned if she's the one who gets a new one instead of us,) finally hanging the Christmas lights outside, taking a shower, picking up the healthy one from school, cooking chicken burgers for dinner, then wrapping presents after both go to bed.
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