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I thought about trying O is the New B, maybe tonight. I started the book but never finished it.

I'm surprised at how many series there are, that seem to be under the new umbrella of 'innovative television.' I have the series that I love, some old school, some newer (like Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Oz, Walking Dead, The Wire, Mad Men, and right now Nurse Jackie) but now there seems to be some saturation, and the quality isn't always that good. There's something for everyone though.

Portlandia: there was a really funny segment where the main actor guy is a bike rider with a chin beard. He goes by his favorite bar and through the window sees some yuppie-looking guy and gets all mad "That kind of guy is in there? This bar is so OVER!" Then he keeps seeing this guy doing things he himself likes to do and keeps declaring things 'so OVER!" After a series of such happenings we see the formerly yuppie guy now on a bike with a chin beard riding past a bar where the previously bike-riding chin beard guy is sitting at the bar, on a cell phone discussing business, and very yuppie-like...and the new hipster declares "That kind of guy is in there? This bar is so OVER."

That was pretty clever. Other parts not so much. Can't stand the ones with the girl playing the guy and vice versa. Very annoying. The shopkeeper couple are annoying, though Steve Buscemi's cameo was funny. The cameos are often pretty good (Kyle MacLachlan as the mayor, for instance.)
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