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I saw some of Orange is the New Black. I like it. I mostly like the flashbacks to what other prisoners did to get in there. I find those scenes to be subtle...I don't know if the backstory becomes more clear or if we are just going to have the hints...but either way I like the way they do it: they don't just hand it to you on a platter.

I tried The League and it may have been another instance of I wasn't in the right mood, but I couldn't get into it. It was late. I may try again.

But I only have a few more days to try to finish the ones I have liked. Let me ask a question: I am sick of my cable bill going up and up. I haven't been watching regular TV at my house. I have been purchasing DVDs of series. Can one get Netflix without having cable? Like, if I kept Bugs Bunny wireless but dropped all TV service, could I get netflix?

The League made me remember a show I've always wondered about: Friday Night Lights. Wow. It's about one of the best HS football teams in Texas (no small deal there) and so far I LOVE it. It has some great football moments, along with incredible acting. It really shows the pressures of the coach and the players, from the whole town, and the tolls such expectations can have.

It had me at hello. If you like football you will love this show.
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