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Originally Posted by infinite monkey View Post
Oh yeah! I do have a blu-ray player and it does have a netflix button. I'd never considered purchasing netflix before so I haven't really messed around with it. Plus, I'm a technological whiz...for things 20 years ago. Today I can barely figure out my phone.
the trick there is to make sure your BR player can reach the internet in your house. there needs to be a cable or a wireless connection for it. I bought a couple BR players for Twil and thought the internet connectivity would be a good thing. BUT. the boxes only accept a Sony wireless adapter, so, no joy. I'm not paying 2x the cost of the BR player for a freakin wireless network interface card, f*ck that. and the effort to string cables to those locations was not worth it. It was far, far easier to get her a couple Roku boxes, which get along fine with the wireless connections that she already had, and netflix and others were all there for us.

I fired the cable company many years ago and I have not missed it ONE SINGLE BIT. The stuff that I thought I would miss, some premium (!) channels like Discovery Channel, etc., pffft. They were fun, but there's way, way, way more stuff that is just as interesting or more so to fill the gap.

Fire the cable company. You'll adapt. You'll have more money, too.
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