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Movies about robots. Both non Hollywood, not action movies, involve a lot of psychology of fear of the intelligent machines being created and trying to remain in control.

"The Machine", British movie, set in the UK not especially far in the future or different reality, about a guy who makes the first fully intelligent robot as part of a military program.

Automata seems to be from a Bulgarian studio, set in the future wher mankind is all but wiped out and on it's last legs. Robots were built to help us but they failed .

Both great films

Not about robots, not sure wheter it's great or awful

Snowpiercer After cocking up an attempt to reverse global warming the whole world freezes and everybody dies. Except for the passengers on a train which travels perpetually on a world spanning track which it takes one year to circumnavigate. At the time of the movie this has been going on for 17 years. Rich people live at the front of the train in luxury, poor people at the back in squalor. The movie is about a revolt and attempt to take ove the train for better treatment.

Sound ridiculous, yes it is if you think about it too much. if you just go with the flow of the film it kind of works.

All from Netflix
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