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We have to go back, Kate!
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I am up to ep 16 of Lost, season 1.

I do realise, given the various opinions I've heard expressed by people who stayed the course first time out, that I may end up hating it... but right now I am enjoying it.

I'd forgotten how brilliant that first season was. How original. And, I find it works well as binge tv - the timescale of their stay on the island feels more in keeping with the speed the story unfolds.

It's also, as ever, a slightly odd experience, watching something I watched 11 years ago. Like a kind of time travel. Every so often I find myself accessing how I was feeling and the atmosphere of my life whilst i was watching the first time around.

[eta] in my defence - on weekdays I am interspersing episodes of Lost with chunks of work. Over the weekend, however, I basically took up residence on the island.
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