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Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
Is black pudding the same as blood pudding? I had that once and it was horrific.
A search on Wikipedia for blood pudding re-directs to the black pudding page.
As Wiki is never wrong the answer to your question must be 'Yes!'.

Mum came from a large coal mining family in NE England and life was something of a struggle at times.
Added to that she was in her teens during WW2 when food rationing was in place so it was a question of being grateful for what you could get to eat.
Memory is a little hazy but I do recall eating black pudding as a child just once.
I think that mum served it up because she remembered it as something she had in the war years. A sort of trip down a culinary memory lane.
I'm pretty sure she wasn't aware of the ingredients and when she found out we never had it again.
Cruel and unusual nourishment.

Black Pudding Recipe

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