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The Big Bumper Thread of Stand-up Comedy

I know we have a funny videos thread. But I have decided in my infinite* wisdom that we also need a thread dedicated to the honourable art of stand up comedy.

So, here's the place to put stand-up comedy, interviews with stand-up comedians and programmes about stand-up comedy.

Bring out your Emo and Izzard. Let loose with your Robin Williams (back when he was coked up and funny). Lay waste to teh interwebs, with your Louis CK and Shappi Korsandi. Old and new. Mainstream and niche. It's all good. It's all butter.

I'mma kick off with a little Daniel Kitsune (nsfw)

And follow up with some Stewart Lee. Went to see him live doing this show (Carpet Remnant World) about a year or so ago. None of this was in it, because he rewrites the current affairs stuff as he goes around the country.

Note to American dwellars: bear with it

(also some nsfw language)

I was going to post a clip of Roy Chubby Brown talking about Islam, to clear up any confusion over references - but I got a couple of minutes into the clip and threw up a little in my mouth

Shappi Khorsandi:

* I borrowed some from a monkey
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